“Devotional Tarot” with Emily Jones

tarot ritual 600Tarot can be an excellent tool for centering yourself and connecting to the Divine. Tarot work complements practices used in a wide variety of spiritual paths. This workshop will focus on methods for using the Tarot to first center and orient the self and then connect with both inner wisdom and Divine Guidance. Use the cards to map out where you are on your path and then chart a course for where you would like to be. Having a regular devotional practice can lead to tremendous spiritual growth and a heightened sense of well-being. Learn to use the cards as a regular part of a devotional practice. See how incorporating the Tarot into your interactions with Spirit can enrich your path and expand your sense of Divine connection.

About Emily

Emily%20TinyA self-proclaimed Tarot fanatic who has been in a fulfilling relationship with the Tarot for 25 years, Emily is an eclectic Wiccan High Priestess who works closely with the Tarot, shamanic journeying, and the Egyptian pantheon. She is always looking for new ideas, events, and practices to inform her spiritual journey.  She works at Full Moon Books & Event Center where she also teaches classes on Tarot, witchcraft, moon magick and stone magick.

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