“Cardboard to Cartomancy: Make Your Own Lenormand Deck” with Beth Seilonen

Have you ever wanted to create your own Lenormand, but just needed to have a bit of help to make the jump?

How about going from cardboard to cartomancy in about two hours?

KiRC Lenormand drawings

The thirty-six clear-cut symbols of the Lenormand divination system are easiest to read when the art is straightforward and uncluttered. This means that keeping it simple and working quickly can produce a pretty and practical working tool.

KiRC Lenormand coloredCome join tarot and Lenormand artist Beth Seilonen armed with art supplies to make that jump into Lenormand deck creation.  Beth will have an assortment of art techniques for every ability ranging from decoupage to watercolor. She will also have tuck boxes that are ready for you to decorate, laminate and then assemble to keep your deck safe. You can go from raw materials to reading with your deck in no time flat!

A supply fee will be charged to offset expenses.

Illustrations from Beth’s in-progress Kilted Rubber Chicken’s Lenormand (KiRC’s Lenormand).

About Beth

Beth Seilonen headshot 200Beth Seilonen was raised in the backwoods of Maine. Surrounded by nature and the ocean, these elements and life experiences have greatly influenced her tarot and Lenormand decks. Though much of her work will have a humorist twist, there are layers containing a depth of meaning thus providing a very honest reading. When she is not working in her next project, Beth teachers Art at the Cripple Creek-Victor School Department K-12. Beth is the creator of Tarot of Leaves, Dream Raven Tarot, and Bleu Cat Tarot. She currently has over 90 decks, mostly Major Arcana tarot decks, to her credit. Find out more information at Bethseilonen’s Blog.

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