Panel Discussion with Tarot Deck Creators

We’re bringing together a panel of artists and authors of tarot decks so you can explore the mechanics behind the magic. From self-published, to Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaigns, to small press, to big publishers like US Games and Lo Scarabeo, these creators have put in the hours, developed their decks, and brought them to fruition. Hear all about their process, artistic as well as practical, as they created, funded, packaged, and published their decks.

Toney Brooks, Chrysalis Tarot

Toney Brooks 200Metaphysician and former Denver broadcast executive Toney Brooks was born and raised in Alabama. He currently resides in the U.S. Heartland and previously in Cornwall, UK, where he published a West Country tourism book about King Arthur, as well as in Italy and the former Yugoslavia.

His academic interests include spirituality, unified physics, mysticism, consciousness studies, cosmology and Jungian psychology, particularly as it relates to dynamics between tarot and collective unconscious archetypes. He holds a PhD in Metaphysical Cultural Anthropology and is a certified Spiritual Counselor (CSC).

Brooks has enjoyed a lifelong interest in metaphysics. His great aunt was an accomplished clairvoyant and remote viewer, so anomalistic psychology runs in the family. He spent several years studying Marian apparitions in Yugoslavia and Italy, specifically apparitions of Rosa Mystica in Montichari, Italy, which he regards as manifestations of the Divine Feminine or Shekinah. Find out more at


Erik Dunne, Tarot Illuminati, Tarot Apokalypsis (in progress)

Erik with glasses 200Twenty-five years ago, quite by chance, Erik discovered the art of Tarot. This began a journey that would inevitably result in the creation of the internationally acclaimed Tarot Illuminati. In 2013, this tarot deck was awarded the highest honors of recognition and achievement, both artistic and divination, around the globe.

Erik began his artistic journey as a classically trained artist. Today, his medium of choice is digital. Here his passion for costume design and his roots in theatre lend their resounding voices to each and every card of this highly acclaimed tarot deck.

Erik is a freelance graphic artist whose work involves creating diverse commissioned projects. At present his main focus is on a much anticipated sister deck to the Tarot Illuminati, the Tarot Apokalypsis, inspired by images from ancient cultures and mystery religions, from the cult of Inanna and the Eleusinian mysteries, to the rites of Indian Aghoris. Find Tarot Illuminati at Llewellyn or join the Tarot Apokalypsis Facebook Community.


Jonathan Saiz and Jason Gruhl, The Fountain Tarot

Fountain Trio 200Jonathan Saiz, Creator and Artist of The Fountain Tarot
Through his art, Jonathan attempts to capture and reflect all of the beauty, complexity, and chaos that life has to offer. His love of crystals, contemporary art, and sacred geometry creates a lens through which seemingly contradictory objects, emotions, and experiences are juxtaposed, resulting in multi-faceted paintings and sculptures. An exploration of visual and energetic potential, his works are in private and commercial collections worldwide. As the Creator and Artist of The Fountain Tarot, Jonathan asked a simple question, “What does each card have to say to us NOW?” Through collaboration with the writer (Jason Gruhl) and the designer (Andi Todaro) of the deck, the cards continued to evolve and become a contemporary vision for the Tarot. For more information, please visit

Jason Gruhl, Writer of The Fountain Tarot
Jason’s interest is to uncover and highlight the greatness in each person. With a MA in counseling psychology, and a vast background in education, he creates tools that explore the uniqueness of human being. From founding and directing a school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to writing children’s books, he uses innovation to excite, inspire, and shift the cultures in which we live. As the Writer of The Fountain Tarot, he attempted to honor the historical essence of each card, writing in a language that was personal and accessible.  For more info, please visit The Fountain Tarot website.

Fountain Deck

Beth Seilonen, Bleu Cat Tarot, Dream Raven Tarot, and many others

Beth Seilonen headshot 200Beth Seilonen was raised in the backwoods of Maine. Surrounded by nature and the ocean, these elements and life experiences have greatly influenced her tarot and lenormand decks. Though much of her work will have a humorist twist, there are layers containing a depth of meaning thus providing a very honest reading. When she is not working in her next project, Beth teachers Art at the Cripple Creek-Victor School Department K-12. She currently has over 75 decks, mostly Major Arcana tarot decks, to her credit. Find out more information at Bethseilonen’s Blog.

Bleu Cat Tarot          Dream Raven Tarot

Lisa de St. Croix, Tarot de St. Croix

Lisa dSC 200Lisa de St. Croix was born in South Africa. After moving to New York she received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Lisa’s paintings have been exhibited internationally and hang in many private and public collections. Tarot de St. Croix was self-published in 2014 assisted by Devera. Lisa has presented lectures and workshops on her deck, tarot and art at the International Tarot Conference in Portugal, TarotCon in Dallas, Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit, Living Tarot Oracle in Durango, numerous Tarot Meetups at Santa Fe Public Library and in her Santa Fe studio. An article written by Lisa was published and her Empress was featured on the cover of The Magician, Journal of the Tarot Guild of Australia. Tarot de St. Croix won a Pecto award and was voted a top fifty essential deck by Tarot Professionals Association. Tarot de St. Croix is in the Museo Dei Tarocchi collection in Italy. Visit Lisa’s website and blog for more info.

Tarot dSC Sun

Daniel Donche, Darkana Tarot

Janden_Hale 200Daniel is a creation junkie. His creations span a number of domains: art, music, film, literature, even fashion. Just two years after his foray into the tarot world began, his interest and creativity yielded one of his most successful endeavors to date: the Darkana tarot deck, a post-modern grunge concept that deviated heavily from traditional motifs. While the deck was rejected by every major tarot publisher (a black and white deck will never sell), he self-published the deck, which went on to win a number of awards.

He currently lives in Colorado Springs, and divides his time between writing, film, art, programming, and hopefully ninjutsu in the near future. Find the Darkana deck at Gamecrafter or follow his Facebook Page, Inappropriate Tarot Readings.