“The Fool’s Progress” with Mary K. Greer

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Long before Eden Gray named Tarot “the Fool’s Journey,” A.E. Waite talked about the Soul’s Progress through the cards. Discover why the Fool is the soul of the Tarot. We begin with a pictorial overview of the history of this card. Next we explore the mysteries of where the Fool belongs in the deck. Finally we delve deeply into the Secret Tradition that Waite hoped to elucidate through his radically different imagery. Following in Waite’s symbolic footsteps, you’ll do a reading that explores what each symbol is currently expressing in you and, thus, elucidate your own Soul’s Progress. Pack a small bag, grab a rose and feather and join me on the mountain top as we step out with the divine nonchalance that only a Fool can truly embody.

About Mary

Mary reading Lenormand cardsMary K. Greer is an independent scholar, writer, teacher, and professional tarot consultant. With more than ten books and 47 years experience in Tarot, Mary pioneered many of the reading methods used today, including reading Tarot for yourself and methods that are interactive, transformational and empowering. More recently she’s been exploring the lives of cartomancers throughout history, discovering the pleasures of the Lenormand deck, and studying the neuroscience behind intuition. She taught Tarot at universities and colleges from 1974 to 1989 and has since traveled the world teaching, learning and now reaching out through webinars and on-line classes. Visit her blog or view her courses at Global Spiritual Studies.

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