“Decoding the Magic in the Thoth Tarot” with Mo Abdelbaki

The Hierophant, Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris, published by US Games Systems.

The Hierophant from the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris, published by US Games Systems.

Aleister Crowley was arguably one of the most influential occultists of his or any other time. He was a prolific author, world traveler, philosopher, theologian, artist, hedonist and designer of one of the most popular Tarot decks ever created. He was also a Master Magician and an adept of the mysteries.

Along with Frieda Harris, the artist of the Thoth Deck, Crowley delivered a Tarot that not only works beautifully for divination, but also provides a handbook of Universal Law, as well as a detailed treatise in the proper and safe use of Magic.

Crowley’s symbolism isn’t meant to be easy and much of it can only be deciphered through meditation, contemplation and practice. Every card has a clue and lesson in the theory and practice of Magic, Nature and Life.

Mo will crack the door, offering you a peek into the thrilling world of the Elemental Magic of the Crowley Thoth Tarot. Some of what he shares in this lecture will be divulged by him to the public for the first time.

About Mo

Professional HeadshotsOf Egyptian heritage, Mo has been a student of the mysteries for over fifty years and he has been a professional consultant for over thirty. His intensive studies have encompassed Tarot, Vedic Astrology, I-Ching, Hermetic Qabalism, Runes, Magic, Magick and numerous other spiritual systems. Mo’s lifelong quest into all things metaphysical has provided him with powerful intuition and accurate tools with which he has guided thousands of clients worldwide.

Mo purchased his first Tarot deck at age 10, which means he wasted the first decade of his life. Since then, he’s studied all aspects of Tarot and the metaphysical Universe that it  represents. His studies are ongoing. Mo is currently writing a book on the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot.

As a teacher, Mo has taught thousands in the proper use of Tarot, astrology and other divination methods. For more information, please visit MoAbdelbaki.com or contact Mo via email.You can also find him on Facebook.

Mo’s radio show, Out of Mo’s Mind, is on Wednesday Mornings at 9 AM, Pacific Time on 12radio.com. Mo’s Music Break is on Wednesday afternoons, also on 12radio.com. His latest article is in the Power Peek.

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