“The Tarot, the Night Sky and the Hero’s Journey” with Renna Shesso

Draco & Ursa MinorBring along your inner Amazon and your sub-conscious Perseus, and celebrate being the hero in your own life.  Using mythology, folklore and Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, we’ll explore Oswald Wirth’s astronomical tarot associations.  Mission: To encounter new perspectives and strengths from our own heroic life-journeys.

Many of us are accustomed to using very specific astrological associations with the Major Arcana cards, i.e. this sign of the zodiac, or this particular planet.  But – as usual with the Tarot – there are many variations and opposing views on these sign/planet/card associations.  Tonight we’ll be looking specifically at myth-based parallels between the Tarot and the many non-zodiac constellations we see in our northern hemisphere sky.

Author and Tarot reader Renna Shesso will lead an image-laden exploration into the Major Arcana imagery that can be found among the stars themselves.  No prior astrological or astronomical knowledge is needed.

About Renna

renna-sunny-smallRenna Shesso comes from a long professional background in the visual arts. A multi-decade Tarot freak, she reads professionally and teaches, emphasizing art, myth, symbolism and storytelling, an approach carried into her shamanic work. With 25+ years of training and personal practice, Renna teaches a wide range of shamanic workshops and works with private healing clients. She’s the author-illustrator of Planets for Pagans and Math for Mystics, both from Weiser. For more information, please visit www.rennashesso.com.

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