“The Gypsy Tea Party” with Shaheen Miro

tea ceremonyTasseography is the magical and ancient art of reading tea leaves. Allowing you to tap into the deep, rich world of the psyche giving insight, guidance and creative prompts. Tea leaf reading has its roots in Asia and the Middle East and has been practiced by everyone from Royalty to housewives. It was even considered an insightful pastime by the Victorian ladies during afternoon tea.

Loose tea leaves form symbols in the bottom of your teacup to tell a story. While enjoying a cup of tea you infuse it with your essence, creating a catalyst that allows the leaves to paint pictures. Once you learn the language of intuition you can string together symbols to receive insights, and spiritual messages.

tea leaf reading smallerThe process of reading tea leaves opens doors to the inner world of the psyche. Use your imagination as a pathway to intuition. Once your imagination and intuition intertwine you begin connecting with the Universe. This is a simple process of trusting your creative self.

Tea-time is a peaceful and leisurely practice, it is the perfect setting to center and tap into the Universe. Come join the Gypsy Tea Party, whether you see yourself as intuitive or just open-minded you will be able to see something in the bottom of your cup!

A supply fee will be charged to offset expenses. Bring your own lunch or buy a box lunch from us.

About Shaheen

Shaheen headshot smallerShaheen Miro is an intuitive reader, energy worker, fashion designer, artist, writer and spiritual nomad. Shaheen coaches people to live more consciously through spiritual practices such as spiritual cleaning, protection, and intuitive development. He is also the creator of Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle. To read Shaheen’s writing or to learn more about Intuitive Consultations, visit his website, Shaheen Miro Insights.

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