Learn all about the vendors for Denver TarotCon 2015

Pearls of wisdom are not the only priceless treasures you'll find at Denver TarotCon! We are bringing you a very select group of vendors to entice you with the biggest names in books and decks, as well as hard-to-find small press and privately published collectibles. In addition to tarot books and decks, you can find a variety of tarot accessories, divination tools, crystals, and metaphysical merchandise. The vendor area is open to everyone! Convention registration is not required to explore our unique merchants. Keep checking back as we discover new merchants to add to our gallery of vendors!

Join us!

Vendor Information

We are looking for fabulous vendors with unique wares to participate in our marketplace. For more information, please visit our Vendor Information page. Application deadline is March 31.

Isis Books & Gifts

About Isis Books & Gifts Isis Books, Gifts and Healing Oasis was founded almost 35 years ago and is named after the great Egyptian Goddess of healing, magic, family, nature and of rebirth. Our mission is to honor world wisdom

The Fountain Tarot

  About The Fountain Tarot The Fountain Tarot — Jonathan Saiz (Artist), Jason Gruhl (Author) and Andi Todaro (Designer), creators of The Fountain Tarot, will be offering their newly released 79-card deck, prints of selected cards, and a collection of

GEAF Gifts

About GEAF Gifts GEAF Gifts offers handcrafted custom semi-precious stone jewelry, sun catchers and crystal dream catchers. Handmade sun catchers, great for indoors near light source. On sunny days you may have prisms displayed on walls and ceilings. Dream catchers are

Mountain Crow

About Mountain Crow Once upon a time there was a Mountain Crow.  She actually lived in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and she was very happy.  She made herbal teas, tinctures, bitters and salves for her friends and family.  She would research herbs

Spirit Sisters Designs

About Spirit Sisters Designs Spirit Sisters Designs’ artists create hand-made Tarot inspired pendants, meaningful & whimsical jewelry, and inspirational gifts. We endeavor to infuse all of our work with Spirit & honor all traditions. We offer: Lisa de St. Croix

Ye Olde Magic Shoppe

About Ye Olde Magic Shoppe Ye Olde Magic Shoppe is a Magical/Metaphysical/Occult supply and book shoppe located in the Denver Colorado metro area. We specialize in Herbs (including difficult to find and entheogenic herbs) and Magical Arts, Products and Services of

Cat’s Eye Gallery by Beth Seilonen

About Cat’s Eye Gallery by Beth Seilonen After receiving my Bachelors of Art, I have primarily stayed as an art educator with experience spanning inner city, juvenile detention center and, my favorite, rural America. I have spent time painting just


ToadWerks is a shop for the magically minded. My main products are tarot cloths and hand knit tarot bags. As a tarot reader, I have a large collection of tarot decks and like the idea of using cloths that coordinate

Into The Mystic Healing & Arts

Into The Mystic Healing & Arts carries jewelry, soaps, drums, magic wands, stones, clothing, dream catchers, a sun catchers, clothing, pendulums, artwork, all natural facial moisturizer & all natural deodorant, which are all made or supplied by local artists in

The Beloved Heart Source

Susanah Magdalena (Tami Harms), Channel and High Priestess of the energy of Mary Magdalene, brings to TarotCon her channeled Holy Essences and Magdalene Prayer Beads. Holy Essences are channeled blends of essential oils and/or flower essences to help one find

Tarot Garden

 About The Tarot Garden with Dan Pelletier The Tarot Garden is dedicated to helping persons interested in tarot to learn about and find tarot decks of interest to them. Whether you’re a collector looking for that exclusive premium item, or a