About Cat’s Eye Gallery by Beth Seilonen

Beth Seilonen VendorAfter receiving my Bachelors of Art, I have primarily stayed as an art educator with experience spanning inner city, juvenile detention center and, my favorite, rural America.

I have spent time painting just about anything and everything. In 2006, I finished and printed my very first 22 card Tarot deck. Finding that this was a genre of art that could be explored through an infinite view points, I have stayed in this genre ever since. Stepping out occasionally to practice some new skills before coming back to create yet another deck. To date, I have over to 90 decks to my credit.

Beth Seilonen Lenormand cloth

I also find myself creating artwork that invoke a happier, more peaceful existence within. Between tree goddesses, positive affirmation pieces and just work that opens the mind to a greater understanding of the self, I keep pretty busy!