About GEAF Gifts

Pendant ShotGEAF Gifts offers handcrafted custom semi-precious stone jewelry, sun catchers and crystal dream catchers. Handmade sun catchers, great for indoors near light source. On sunny days you may have prisms displayed on walls and ceilings. Dream catchers are made with crystals and in a spiral layout. They are not the traditional Native American dream catchers but are infused with powerful healing, protection and love energies.

Amethyst Dream CatcherGayle Fowler – Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Worker, Medical Intuitive and Empath. Growing up in Hawaii, Gayle found it very natural to sense energy vibrations, spirits and vortexes.   Gayle is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, trained medical intuitive and empath. Come and experience her gifts of energy work and intuitive healing. Through her empathic ability, she will share with you the messages and guidance she receives.

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