Spellcasting with Tarot 2There are a many things in life that I really enjoy. Two of which are the tarot and magic! I have been using and studying the tarot for decades now and magic, well magic is something I have practiced longer than I have been working with the cards. It only seems natural to me to combine the powers of both systems.

I believe that all knowledge is good. I have learned and studied, in varying degrees, several magical systems. Some I would never use. They just do not resonate with me. But some I do.

For anyone who may be interested in learning how to preform a spell or two with their tarot cards I present this blog post. And I encourage you to come and see my presentation on Sunday at the Denver TarotCon. There you will join me and others in a group ritual for prosperity.

To begin your spell work you must first decide what it is you want to draw into your life. This is very important. Take your time in deciding. Is it money or possessions you need?  Maybe you need to get something done or moving. Is your need mental; do you have a decision to make or is there something you would like to know?

Now adding your knowledge of the tarot, does your desire fall into the realm of disks, wands, swords, or cups? Or is it a combination of the suits. Choose any cards you feel would facilitate the accomplishment of your goals. For example maybe you are looking for love. What kind of love are you looking for? A love represented by the Lovers card and the ten of cups? Or maybe you are after an Empress and Princess of Disks kind of love; you want a baby. These cards represent your goal. Choose one to five cards to represent your goal.

To bring things to you magically one might also choose to utilize the four directions. The cards that represent the ‘root of each suit’ are the ones that I choose to use; the aces of each suit.

The elements may also be represented during a magical act. Which cards would you use to represent earth, air, fire and water? Maybe you would like to include spirit as well. For instance the Knight of Wands might be used to represent the element of fire.

Place the cards you have chosen for your purpose face up on a flat surface. Arrange the cards you have chosen to represent the four directions and the elements around the purpose cards, however you feel called to do so. Embellish the altar with any other items you wish such as; personal items you would like to wear afterword, incense, candles, etc.

Now focus your intent on the cards you placed in the center to represent your goals. Speak your intention out loud and in a commanding voice. See it in your mind’s eye. Visualize it; picture yourself already living your goal. Repeat your work on a regular basis until you achieve your goal.

Using the tarot to cast a spell requires only a deck of cards and your mind and voice; two of the most powerful magical tools you will ever possess.

There is an old adage that is taught to beginning Craft students which seems pertinent to share here; be careful what you wish for you just might get it!

Great success to all of your workings!


Rev. Ivy will be leading “Casting a Spell with the Tarot” at TarotCon Denver 2015. Visit our Speakers page for the full line-up of presentations and workshops.


About the Author

Ivy is a Wiccan Reverend and High Priestess of Grove of the Morning Star Wiccan Church – ATC. The Grove hosts the Aurora Witches Meetup which meets on Wednesday evenings. You can find Grove of the Morning Star on Facebook.

Ivy is the Proprietress of Better Hags & Gargoyles. You can view more about Ivy and the services she provides at BetterHagsandGargoyles.com.

© 2015 by Ivy Ross. All rights reserved.


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