Sherry Shones Smart A$$ Tarot by Slidely Slideshow


Sherry will be speaking on “Portal Cartomancy Coaching – Using Tarot to Receive Messages from Self” at TarotCon Denver 2015. Visit our Speakers page for the full line-up of presentations and workshops.


About the Author

I come from a family of intuitives – those driven by a sense of “knowing”.

I have learned from amazing coaches and mentors how to use this sense to make my life everything I ever wanted and I can’t wait to show you how too!

Life can be shiny again – brand new and full of the gloss that true enjoyment of a good life can bring.  Yes there may be trials and complexities and it doesn’t all get solved with just happy thoughts and sunshine.  It takes daily reminders, enlightened thinking and listening to your own intuition.

I specialize in helping to inform my clients of options that may assist them in all aspects of life within their personal belief systems. My modalities include intuitive readings, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Seraphim Angel healing, blessings/clearings, Portal Coaching, and meditations and visualizations.

Shop around on my site and I look forward to giving you a “Shiny Shot” soon.

Learn more at Sherry Shone, Intuitive Coach.

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