1JJ SwissI received my first Tarot deck (1JJ Swiss) at the age of 17 from my maternal grandmother. From the start, the evocative imagery captured me – but it was also the way that one could use Tarot in such a practical and direct way to find answers. I’ve always tended to be systematic and analytical in my approach to making decisions, so including a Tarot reading or two as part of my decision making process was a ‘natural’.

I loved being able use the Tarot to quickly access specific information about any quandary or concern. Ask a question, look at the dominating element (suit), the predominance of the numerical value on the cards, sprinkle in some insight from the Majors that were presented and…voila, I had my answer. This approach gave me very concrete information about the nature of the energies present in the situation I was concerned with along with the best way to proceed to get the result I was looking for. For years this was the way I used the Tarot for guidance.

Of course during this time, along with the Tarot, I was employing additional divination devices like the pendulum and the gazing ball as well as studying different systems such as palmistry and numerology. I noticed that I tended to be in a more relaxed, meditative state while using these other perhaps more intuitive systems than when I was reading the Tarot. During those sessions with other modalities, I found that I often received psychic ‘hits’ or impressions above and beyond the more straight forward information offered by the particular system I was employing. I tended to be more left-brain with Tarot and more right-brain when using other divinatory systems.

I decided to experiment with beginning a Tarot session in a deliberately more meditative state to see what additional information or impressions that I might receive by using the cards in a less linear, more intuitive fashion. I was subsequently happily impressed by how letting my right brain join the session added richness and insight into the reading, beyond what I had experienced before. I noticed that whenever I would get a ‘hit’ or some information that was not simply a cut and dried interpretation of the images, numbers or suit of a tarot card, the information would be accompanied by a subtle sensation just outside of my head behind my right ear. By tuning into that sensation or intentionally seeking that sensation, I found myself opening up to that quiet, inner voice of the subconscious and creating a doorway into communication with my spirit guides.


Karen will be speaking on “Expand Your Tarot Readings: Connect with your Spirit Guides!” at TarotCon Denver 2015. Visit our Speakers page for the full line-up of presentations and workshops.


About the Author

Karen Charboneau Harrison is the author of  The EveryDay Psychic: A Practical Guide to Activating Your Psychic Gifts and The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook. Born into a family of psychics and mediums, she has used her psychic abilities all her life.  She has taught classes in Tarot, Psychic Development and Magickal Herbalism among other esoteric subjects for almost 40 years.  She and her husband are the proprietors of Isis Books, Gifts and Healing Oasis, a Denver institution for 34 years.

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