Client’s cup with a prominent skull.

Client’s cup with a prominent skull.

I consider myself a gypsy soul. My daily intention is to take life in, to be curious and filled with wonder. This willingness to be open has lead me down so many beautiful paths, from meeting people, to experiencing things… I have truly seen magic in the most unexpected places. All I have to do is open myself up, say hello to the Universe… and the mystery unfolds.

So look around you… there is beauty, color, texture and life waiting to be experienced. There is a rhythm pulsing through the world, through your very body… this is the infrastructure of everything… it is the breath of the Universe, the core of spirit, the voice of your inner wisdom.

This rhythm weaves and shapes all things together, including your intuition. It organizes patterns, and messages. Patterns, signs and symbols are blooming into life constantly. It is the flower of the cosmos, the language of the Universe.

Oracles are nothing more than organized symbols. Ancient people interpreted natural occurrences, building symbols upon them. Creating layers of meaning. Watching nature, animals and the weather… these patterns evolved into symbols, which became a language… inscribed on stones, bones, in cups and on cards. Portable oracles, organized omens.

Divination is the art of seeing, and interpreting symbols. When you layout cards, or gaze into a cup of tealeaves you are searching for patterns in something abstract. You are connecting dots. As you become more “fluent” in your working, and exploration you realize there is a constant dialogue happening all around you. This is the unfolding of intuition!

Symbolic language, layered with intuition becomes story-telling. I have experienced many readings that were missing something… that little spark of life. One of two things happens:

Either the reader is too stuck in the linear… seeing what is before them, and nothing more. Or the reader is pulling things from thin air… reading the ephemeral without stringing it together with something grounded.

But you see there is a synergy that happens when you combine divination with intuition. As you notice what you notice, you allow your intuition to fill in the gaps. Now this won’t work for everyone… I can only tell you my own experience of this. But I have found when something stands out, and I greet its presence, and then follow the staircase of my inner knowing… answers come!

My journey as a Tarot reader began at around age 5 or 6. It was my mother’s way of “training” my psychic abilities. She would lay cards in front of me, and we would tell stories. Who is he? And why is he next to her?…. on and on it would go.

Really these stories were telling themselves… I was just open enough to listen. To see, and listen!

There was no right or wrong. The cards were nothing more than a wonderland of possibilities. There seemed to be themes, connections and patterns… a rhythm as I said before. Tapping into that, pulling at the thread, and the story would come!

I still read this way. I look at the cards, and something just clicks inside. The colors, the characters, the settings, they all take me somewhere, and suddenly information just flows out. All I have to do is pay attention! Just pay attention to what is before me.

My intrigue with oracles extends beyond Tarot. As I child I also experienced Turkish coffee reading… seeing patterns form in the inky sludge left behind after a cup. This lead to my fascination with tealeaf reading… which is simply looking for patterns in the bottom of a warm cup of loose leaf tea.

Tealeaf reading is magical because it connects the mundane with the mysterious. You enjoy your cup of tea, and left behind are shapes formed in dark tealeaves… ambiguous shapes rich with inspiration for the fertile imagination. All you have to do is be open, and brave enough to look at them.

When you gaze softly into a cup of tea filled with the remnants of tealeaves a whole world of possibilities unfolds. Like a cloudy sky the cup dances with a menagerie of creatures, characters and settings. What you see before you is a story that holds significance to the person being read.

I like to remind people that imagination is the pathway to intuition. When you connect with your creative inner world, you open yourself to the wisdom of the Universe. You create a link to your deeper self. This is the art of tealeaf reading! This is the art of Oracles! It is simply the act of playing with the world around you!


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About the Author

Shaheen Miro is an intuitive reader, energy worker, fashion designer, artist, writer and spiritual nomad. Shaheen coaches people to live more consciously through spiritual cleaning, protection, and intuitive development. He is also the creator of, Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle.

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