Denver Tarot Convention Keynote Address by James Wanless

James Wanless

 Keynote Address by James Wanless, Creator of the Voyager Tarot James Wanless, Ph.D. was a distinguished university professor in the Middle East when he experienced a life-threatening disease which led to a spiritual transformation. He relinquished his academic career and...

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We've brought you a wide variety of speakers, including the scholarly eccentric, weirdly esoteric, wildly inspirational and just plain fun! All workshops are roll-up-your-sleeves and get-your-hands-dirty experiences. Whether you want to learn to be a better reader, start down the path to personal or spiritual development, or deepen your knowledge base, we have the class for you!

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TarotCon Denver 2015 Schedule


Here is the long-awaited schedule of events for TarotCon Denver 2015. Find out all the details of what happens when so you can start planning your experience! This handy schedule has a color-coded key. Clicking on it will open a...

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Mary K. Greer

“The Fool’s Progress” with Mary K. Greer Long before Eden Gray named Tarot “the Fool’s Journey,” A.E. Waite talked about the Soul’s Progress through the cards. Discover why the Fool is the soul of the Tarot. We begin with a pictorial

Austin Coppock

“A Deck of Faces: The Hidden History of the Pip Cards” with Austin Coppock There is a thread that runs through over four millennia of astrological and magical history, a cord that binds ancient Egypt to contemporary Tarot decks. That

Lon Milo DuQuette

“The Lesser Arcana – Keys to Specific Dates and Geographic Locations” with Lon Milo DuQuette Hidden just beneath the surface of the images and traditional meanings of the Lesser Arcana are a wealth of associations to specific dates in the

Carrie Paris

“Collection Oracles and Charm Casting with Tarot for Accurate Results” with Carrie Paris Several contemporary oracles can be traced back to ancient casting traditions. The sorting of lots laid the foundation for lottery tickets, dice took their lead from bone

Marcus Katz

About Marcus | Marcus Katz is author of the ground-breaking Tarot book and teaching system, Tarosophy, and is the co-founder of Tarosophy Tarot Associations (Worldwide). In addition to Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot: The True Story of the World’s Most

Tali Goodwin

About Tali | Tali Goodwin is the co-author of award-winning and #1 best-selling Tarot books, including Around the Tarot in 78 Days, Tarot Face to Face, and Learning Lenormand. She is also a leading Tarot researcher and is credited with

Karen Harrison

“Expand Your Tarot Readings: Connect with your Spirit Guides!” with Karen Harrison Connecting with your Spirit Guides while reading Tarot can take you to a new level of insight. You will have an additional wealth of guidance and information whenever

Renna Shesso

“The Tarot, the Night Sky and the Hero’s Journey” with Renna Shesso Bring along your inner Amazon and your sub-conscious Perseus, and celebrate being the hero in your own life.  Using mythology, folklore and Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, we’ll

Joy Vernon

“Unlock Your Transformation with the Empyrean Key” with Joy Vernon TarotCon Denver is turning it up to 11! The eleventh sphere, that is. In medieval cosmology, the heavens were considered to be composed of concentric spheres, each containing a planet or

Deck Creators Panel

Panel Discussion with Tarot Deck Creators We’re bringing together a panel of artists and authors of tarot decks so you can explore the mechanics behind the magic. From self-published, to Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaigns, to small press, to big publishers like US

Sherry Shone

“Portal Cartomancy Coaching – Using Tarot to Receive Messages from Self” with Sherry Shone A portal – a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and elaborate one. Have you ever desired to use tarot for more than past,

Mo Abdelbaki

“Decoding the Magic in the Thoth Tarot” with Mo Abdelbaki Aleister Crowley was arguably one of the most influential occultists of his or any other time. He was a prolific author, world traveler, philosopher, theologian, artist, hedonist and designer of

Richard Hartnett

“Numerology and Tarot” with Richard Hartnett Those of us who have been Tarot readers for many years know there is a large array of Tarot Decks available. Most decks are composed of a set of unique drawings that are interpretations

Shaheen Miro

“The Gypsy Tea Party” with Shaheen Miro Tasseography is the magical and ancient art of reading tea leaves. Allowing you to tap into the deep, rich world of the psyche giving insight, guidance and creative prompts. Tea leaf reading has

Ivy Chapman

“Casting a Spell with the Tarot” with Reverend Ivy Spells are worked to manipulate the natural energies around us. By manipulating these energies we can draw forth or send away situations or things in our life. Each tarot card contains

Lisa de St. Croix

“Tarot Visual Journaling” with Lisa de St. Croix, creator of Tarot de St. Croix In this creative workshop you will be working with the tarot archetypes to tell the story of your present life; the important relationships, situations and goals

Beth Seilonen

“Cardboard to Cartomancy: Make Your Own Lenormand Deck” with Beth Seilonen Have you ever wanted to create your own Lenormand, but just needed to have a bit of help to make the jump? How about going from cardboard to cartomancy in

Emily Jones

“Devotional Tarot” with Emily Jones Tarot can be an excellent tool for centering yourself and connecting to the Divine. Tarot work complements practices used in a wide variety of spiritual paths. This workshop will focus on methods for using the